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1.77sWe'll never sell these.
0.65sBirds won't even use them in their nests.
3.57sOkay! So I made one bad decision!
2.44sIt's my fault for leaving you in charge.
2.17sSometimes I forget how young you are.
1.93sI'm only three months younger than you.
3.84sOh, look. You're getting cranky. You haven't had your juice.
2.8sWell, my straw broke off in the carton.
3.27sThat's not the point! We're supposed to be partners!
3.14sAnd you're pushing me around like a Playskool corn popper.
1.97sIt's a vacuum cleaner, Milhouse.
2.67sWhatever! I demand respect!
5.79sI have feelings! I'm a human boy, just like you!