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3.52sMark down the Poochie crap. Then unstick all the Supergirls.
3.24sYou know, if we're partners, maybe you should do some of the work.
0.48sLess barking, more marking.
2.84sYes, sir, partner.
2.67sNow, when you've got a bum ticker like we do,
1.97syou need all the friends you can get.
4.54sAnd Moe's is the friendliest place in the rum district.
2.49sGet out and take your Sacajawea dollars with ya.
2.37sI'll give you till three. One--
4.35sHey, Homer, who's the manatee?
2.89sAh, now, be nice, Moe. This guy just got outta the hospital.
2.2sAh, sorry. Let me buy you a drink.
3.74sVery well. I will have a shot of cranberry schnapps.
3.65sUh, these, they're just painted on there.
3.04sYour choices are beer and, uh, egg soakings.
3.17sI'll pass. Beer is the nectar of the nitwit.
2sHey, you knockin' beer?