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3.44sOh, dear Lord! We call that profession "the widow-maker!"
2.84sOr we would if any of the proprietors were married.
2.2sYou should close down the store for a while.
3.19sBut I'd lose all my business to Frodo's of Shelbyville!
3.15sWell, then get a friend to run it for you.
2.64sYou do have friends, don't you?
1.95sWell, the Super Friends.
2.22sWell, you should get some friends who aren't printed on paper.
1.87sWhat? You mean action figures?
0.4sWe'll run the store for ya!
3.91sTwo 10-year-olds running my store?
3.6sI mean-- Wait. What is this? Bizarro World?
3.72sCalm down! Don't make me put a dog heart in there.
3.4sCan you believe it, Bart? We're actually running a comic book store.
3.75sLooks like our lifetime ban just expired.