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2.8sLeft arm... numb.
4.64sCan't go on describing symptoms much longer.
2.49sI think he's had a heart attack.
3.84sYoung man, you've had what we call a "cardiac episode."
2.49sWorst episode ever.
1.87sOh, not even close.
5.07sIf these boys hadn't called 911, I'd be wearing that watch right now.
2.3sI'm just kidding. But you would be dead.
1.75sYou saved my life?
2.4sYeah. After you were so mean to us.
0.5sSo now we're even.
2.25sMy prognosis--
2.3sOr is it diagnosis? Whichever.
3.87sYou need to avoid stress. Now what kind of work do you do?