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1.95sA Chinese Kmart?
3.1sWell, that'll have to do. Are these yours, son?
4.05sNo, sir. We were just exhibiting them for profit without permission.
4.8sFair enough. But the owner is in more hot water than--
3.19sA Japanese tea bag? Why don't you lay off the Asians, Lou?
1.98sWell, you've changed me, Agnes.
3.4sMaybe there is room in my store for romance comics.
2.9sNobody'll buy those. Your store smells.
2.17sNow kiss me, funny face.
2.57sAll right! Oh!
2.85sOh, dear God! Cover your eyes, boys!
2.7sIt's okay, man.
2.33sIf it doesn't affect you, you're not human.
4.09sUh, Comic Book Guy, you're under arrest for the possession of illegal videos.
3.29sBut we'll reduce the sentence if you put your pants on... fast!
1.35sCome on, Romeo.