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4.2sThe town of Springfield has been classified "N.W.B.," or "Nuclear Whipping Boy."
3.24sIn the first moments of a nuclear war, Springfield will be bombed at will...
2.47sby all friendly nations to calibrate their missiles.
3.79sNow for total security, I will terminate the cameraman.
2.6sThanks a lot, Steve!
3.3sAll right, this is a raid.
2.47sWell, well, well,
3.3sthis place has got more pirated tapes than, uh--
1.95sA Chinese Kmart?
3.1sWell, that'll have to do. Are these yours, son?
4.05sNo, sir. We were just exhibiting them for profit without permission.
4.8sFair enough. But the owner is in more hot water than--