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1.87sAnd it begins!
1.83sWhat? I can't have a drink with dinner?
2.53sOh, so dinner started at 2:00 this afternoon, did it?
4.34sYes, about the same time you decided to hole up in the bathroom for three hours waxing your eyebrows.
1.5s(SHARPLY) You swore you would never...
3.3sI have a prominent brow, and I do what I can to get by.
2sWell, hey, what's important is that you're here now.
1.2sLet's just enjoy dinner.
2.2sYeah, can't we just have a good time?
2.24sAsk Olivia. Olivia, the three of us are having a great time.
1.13sWhat's your problem?
2.47sMy problem is you. You're acting like a baby!
3.34sAnd we come to the center of the shrubbery maze.
2.1sThat's what it all comes down to, isn't it?
1.7sI'm not grown up enough for you.
1.74sWell, you are a baby, aren't you?
1.47s(ALARMED) Stay out of it. Stay out of it.
1.1sWell, if you think I'm a baby,
1.47sthen perhaps I should act like a baby.
4.8s(IMITATING WAILING) MAN: Hey, could you keep that kid quiet?
1.6sOh, what's that?
1.4sWhat's that, sir? What's that?
1.73sI'm sorry, am I being too loud for you?
2.03sYou wanna come over here and quiet me down?
1.6s- Let's not do this. - Oh, God.
1.37sStewie, come on. I'm scared.
2.3sNo, it's okay. It's okay. Sir? You feel strong?