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2.7sbut JonBenet here took forever with her makeup.
3.44sYes, and we probably would've shaved a few minutes off our trip,
2.97sbut Mr. Cheapo here refused to let the valet touch his Big Wheel,
3.34sso we had to drive around the block six times till we could find a spot.
2.44sBut to his credit, it's a great spot to get mugged.
3.64sOh, wouldn't that be a shame if they took all my money out of both our wallets?
2.04sWell, it's just good to have you guys here.
0.93sCan I get you folks something to drink?
1.77sYes, I'll just have flat water.
2.4sDo you have HI-C Tropical Punch?
1.87sAnd it begins!
1.83sWhat? I can't have a drink with dinner?
2.53sOh, so dinner started at 2:00 this afternoon, did it?
4.34sYes, about the same time you decided to hole up in the bathroom for three hours waxing your eyebrows.
1.5s(SHARPLY) You swore you would never...
3.3sI have a prominent brow, and I do what I can to get by.