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11.34sBut little Olivia's career may be over just as it begins with today's announcement that Tasty Juice will be dropping her as their spokesperson and replacing her with a new ad campaign featuring rock and roll legend Chuck Berry.
3.27sOpen your mouth, baby, here it comes.
2.5sBut there is a silver lining for local Quahogians,
6.41sas Miss Fuller will be appearing at the Quahog Mall this weekend to mark the grand opening of the new Brat Wraps kids clothing store.
1.73sOh, that's perfect.
3sBrian, we have to go down there this weekend and heckle her roundly.
3.54sI'll humiliate her worse than Luke Skywalker did to that rebel pilot.
2.04sThe exhaust shaft is only two meters wide,
1.93sso you'll have to use proton torpedoes.
1.97sWell, that's impossible, even for a computer.
3.57sIt's not impossible. I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home.