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2.5sStewie, this is not going to convince Olivia that you're grown-up enough for her.
1.63sOh, yeah? What do you know about women?
1.37sYou want to know how to get women?
2.14sThere's only one place in town you need to observe.
1.3sJust watch.
1.67sI am not doing that, Glenn.
1.7sCome on, beautiful, keep an open mind.
2.37sYou're a sick man. Hey, keep it down.
3.67sI don't want my neighbors seeing a fat, old, dirty whore screaming at me on my front lawn.
1.57sWell, maybe I should come inside.
1.73sWell, maybe you should.
1.6sWhat the deuce?
3sWhy the hell would she respond positively to such a negative comment?
3.04sBrian, do women like it when you treat them like crap?
2.53sWell, I don't know if you want to be that black and white about it.
1.03sThat's it, isn't it?
2.6sWomen respond when you treat them like crap.
4.3sWell, Olivia, prepare to meet a much darker Stewie Griffin.