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1.8sso all I've got to do is be more grown-up.
3.14sWhat are you doing? Just cleaning out your brush, man.
3.37sHi, Jillian. Hi, Brian, ready to go?
1.23sHey, baby.
1.7sHi, Stewie.
1.03sWhat the hell are you doing?
3.9sNot much, really. Just me and my pubes hanging out.
1.1sOh, dear God.
2.97sBoy, I am so beat from doing adult stuff all day.
1.73sSo am I.
2.2s(STRETCHING) I just kind of feel like kicking it tonight.
2sOh, look at that. I'm growing all the time.
2.5sHey, Jillian, can you give me a minute?
2.54sYou ever just let your balls hang out, B-ri?
2.6sYou ever do that, B-roney?
2.77sDrove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was Bri?
1.17sGive me my hair back.
1.7sOw! What the hell, man?
2.5sStewie, this is not going to convince Olivia that you're grown-up enough for her.
1.63sOh, yeah? What do you know about women?