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1.4sThere she is, Brian.
2.6sOh, boy, I am going to take her down right in front of everybody.
1.8sAll right, Olivia, get ready to...
1.87s- Good lord. - What is it?
1.5sBrian, she looks...
1.8sShe looks fantastic.
3.57sAnd now TV's Olivia Fuller will cut the ceremonial ribbon.
1.43sI hope I'm allowed to do this.
1.9sMy mommy says, "Don't run with scissors."
2.34s(LAUGHING FORCEFULLY) She's so cute. I love children.
3.14s(SLAPPING) Look at my kids.
3.37sSo everyone feel free to browse and purchase from our fine selection.
2.87sHey, Mom, now would be a good time to raise my allowance.
3.4sOh, this one's kind of nice. What... Olivia!
2sStewie? Oh, my God.
2.17sWow, this is... It's been a while.
1.87sYeah, I know, it has.
1.53sSo, you back in town?
3.34sYeah, we're moving back into the old house.
4.9sOh, that's... God, you look great. I mean, you're all in shape.