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1.6sI'm gonna start bringing gay guys home.
1.33sAnd I don't mean the classy,
1.5s"Maybe they are, maybe they're not" gay guys.
1.47sI mean those big,
1.93s"Oh, my God, here they come, floating around, making noise" gay guys,
1.5snot the "fix up your house" gay guys.
1.5sPeter, shh! It's starting.
1.27sYou must be Autumn Daniels.
1.9sWelcome to Barncliffe school for girls.
0.97sWe're your roommates.
3.54sI'm Sassy, that's Pouty, and this is Suicidy.
2.24sI got a bad feeling about Suicidy.
5.17sAin't no mountain high enough... (LAUGHING) Yeah!
2.13sYou can tell all the girls care about each other,
2.77s'cause they have so much fun cleaning the dishes.
3.5sAUTUMN: I have to leave, and I'm taking my piano with me.
2.34sWhy? Why?
3sShe chose the piano over her insulin.