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1.43sYeah, you sandbagged me. I "sandbagged" you?
1.4sYou sandbagged me, yes.
1.5sWell, here I am trying to help you with something...
1.23sYou know what, I don't need your kind of help,
1.1sall right?
2.24sHave a great assault. Jerk.
2.87sLois, I don't understand why I got to sit through a chick flick.
2.94sPeter, you promised you'd come with me to see Autumn's Piano.
3.7sBesides, you owe me big after the way you embarrassed me in front of Sandra Oh.
4.04sOh, my God. Sandra Oh. We loved you in Sideways.
1.2sThank you.
2.54s(ENUNCIATING LOUDLY) We see you in many movies.
4.04sI think about you while having sex with my wife.
2.3sI thank you with $1.
1.4sThat's a lot of money to them.