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2.27s(EXCLAIMING) Ain't nobody talking to you.
5.2sthat the Silly Putty I bought you this weekend?
2.34sYou know, I'm really... I'm sensing something here that...
1.63sI should be going.
3.1sNo, how about you stay here and I leave and never come back again?
2.37sStewie, this isn't how I wanted it to end.
1.5sBut you did want it to end.
3.8sYou've made that perfectly clear.
1.97sListen, are you gonna be all right?
1.73sYeah, I'll be fine.
1.5s(SNIFFING) Is that smoke?
5.41s(GASPING) Idea for a farce, cheating wife and pompous ass burned alive.
1.3sSo, what happened?
1.77sWell, you want to know what I learned this week?
1.67sBeing a grown-up sucks.
2.57sWomen, Brian, what a royal pain in the ass!
2.6sIt's like, why can't you just hang out with guys?
2.74sYou know, just live with someone of your own sex.