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1.8sStewie? Yeah?
1.43sIt's not your fault.
1.7sWhat? It's not your fault.
1.13sI know.
1.44sIt's not your fault.
1.27s(FIRMLY) I know.
1.43sNo, Stewie, Stewie.
1.3sIt's not your fault.
2.17sDon't do this to me, man. Not you, man.
2.5s- It's not your fault. - Screw you! Cut it out, man!
1.37sIt's not your fault.
2.54s(SOBBING) Why is it so hard?
2.7sI didn't know it was gonna be so hard.
5.97sLook, Stewie, you stood up before God and all your toys and you took an oath to stick it out when things got tough.
1.43sYou want her to see you as an adult?
1.47sWell, this is adulthood.
2.94sYou're right, Brian. I can't hide from this relationship.
2.37sIt's my responsibility to deal with it.
3.27sI mean, what kind of a man would I be if I ran off now?
1.5sWell, you'd be a black man.
1.54sWow! Wow!
2.33s- Whoa, what was that? - I'm sorry.
1.84sI'm sorry. That was my father talking.
1.37sYou, uh,
1.53sgotta work on that, man.
1.37sBad dog.
1.6sSweetie, listen, I'm sorry, I...