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1.97sOh, no, it's a girl.
1.93sAnd I hate girls.
3.9sPETER: But one day, Vageena went swimming too soon after eating a sandwich,
1.1sand this happened.
1.4sHelp! Help!
1.43sI'm drowning!
4.07sWe gotta get this woman to surgery time. Right stat now!
1.64sPETER: But it was too late,
2.67sand she died from a rotten vagina.
2.47sWow, that was the worst piece of crap I've ever seen.
2.14sOh, my God, that was an abomination.
1.57sThat was awful. Awful. Awful, awful.
1.64sMy ass is actually sore.
2.04sMy ass is actually sore.
0.97sHey, where's Olivia?
2.04sOh, she's probably up at the house.
1.8sStewie? Yeah?
1.43sIt's not your fault.
1.7sWhat? It's not your fault.
1.13sI know.
1.44sIt's not your fault.
1.27s(FIRMLY) I know.
1.43sNo, Stewie, Stewie.
1.3sIt's not your fault.
2.17sDon't do this to me, man. Not you, man.