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3.64sand before I knew Vageena Hertz.
1.13sMAN: Sorry.
1.63sPETER: When Vageena was first born,
2.84sI had a small heart and a lot to learn.
3.1sPush, honey! Hurry up and give me my baby boy!
4s(WET SQUELCHING) Cleveland, more SpaghettiOs.
1.87sOh, good, a baby.
1.97sOh, no, it's a girl.
1.93sAnd I hate girls.
3.9sPETER: But one day, Vageena went swimming too soon after eating a sandwich,
1.1sand this happened.
1.4sHelp! Help!
1.43sI'm drowning!
4.07sWe gotta get this woman to surgery time. Right stat now!