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1.6s- Let's not do this. - Oh, God.
1.37sStewie, come on. I'm scared.
2.3sNo, it's okay. It's okay. Sir? You feel strong?
1.3sYou wanna come over here?
1.47sMAN: No, I want to stay here and have my steak.
1.17sOh, yeah? Yeah.
1.63sWhat is that, the porterhouse? Yeah.
1.57sHow is it? What do you care?
1.37sIf we weren't fighting, would you recommend it?
1.1sYeah, I would.
2.2sWell, I know what I'm getting.
4.1sHello, everyone. Well, here we are, opening night.
2.74sYou know, somebody once told me that making movies was easy.
1.47sYeah. Yeah, you know what else is easy?
1.17sOpen heart surgery.
1.67sYeah, thanks for coming, Fouad.
3.17sOh! Is funny because open heart surgery not easy at all.
1.7sYeah, yeah, yeah. Calm down, Fouad.
4.74s(FOUAD LAUGHING) So, without further dudes, let's watch this thing.
2.77sPETER: At first, I didn't believe in women and unicorns,
3.54sbut that was before I knew about the power of chick stuff,
3.64sand before I knew Vageena Hertz.