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1.07sIt's him!
1.07sIt's Jesus!
1.43sAnd his best pal, Peter.
1.2sOh, wow!
1.57sFifteen minutes, Mr. Christ.
4sWow, Jesus, can you believe you're gonna get to meet Jay Leno?
2.9sMom, why is it that when Jesus revealed himself to the world,
1.73she became famous, and when I did it,
2.4sI got suspended for five days?
1.94sYou know, I owe this all to you, Peter.
1.6sYou gave me the confidence I needed.
1.4sNever mind about that, pal.
2.17sYou just go out there and knock 'em dead.
1.63s- Now, who are you? - Jesus Christ.
1.8s- Who are you? - Jesus Christ.
1.27sWho are you? Jesus Christ!
1.27sNow, go get them!
2.03sAll right, my thanks again to Dave Coulier.
3.67sSeason three of Full House is out on DVD March 5th.
1.6sMy next guest died for our sins,
2.17sand now it looks like he's back on the scene.
1.37sPlease welcome, from the Bible,
1.67sJesus Christ. Oh, Jesus?