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1.67sI heard what you were saying.
1.8sYou know nothing of my work.
2.7sHow you ever got to be president of anything is totally amazing.
1.13sBoy, wouldn't it be great if life were like this?
1.27sHey, listen, Jesus,
1.73sthanks for coming by tonight and hanging out with us.
1.07sYou may look like a bum,
2.1sbut you got a lot of talent, young man.
4.77sWell, I never thought I'd say this, but I have had a blast.
2.07sOh, wonderful! Wonderful!
3.14sYeah, I'd forgotten how great it is interacting with other people.
1.5sWell, I better get some sleep.
1.5sI got to open the store tomorrow.
1.6sYou don't want to go back to that record store.
1.23sYou got to get back out there,
2.1scoloring eggs and hiding them for kids.
2.6sWhat, you mean reveal myself?
2.67sAbsolutely. This world needs you, Jesus.
1.87sIt needs you like a guy who can't get it up needs a distraction.
3.67s(MOANING) I am so ready to have sex with you.
1.27sOh, hey, is that my phone?