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3.14sshoved a sponge full of vinegar in my mouth and killed me.
3.57sThen they put me in a hole with a rock in front of it for two whole days,
2.6sand come Sunday, bam, I rise from the dead.
3.04sOkay, that sounds like a nutty weekend, but I can top it.
3.2sSo, me and Cleveland and Joe are just wrecked on Southern Comfort, right?
1.83sWe know we're gonna puke, but Joe says,
1.9s"Hey, let's go see Chronicles of Riddick."
2.07sSat through the whole thing without puking,
3.64sthen I get home, wouldn't you know, I lost my glasses.
1.87sPeter one, Jesus zero.
1.87sYou know, Jesus, if I go get my cell phone,
2.67swould you mind talking to my friend Muriel Goldman?
2.34sI really just want to stick this up her ass.
1.47sAll right, I'll be the one to say it.
1.9sHow do we know you're really Jesus?
1.3sCan you perform miracles?
2.07sSure. How about this?
1.9sOh, boy! Sundaes!
1.23sI love you, Jesus!
1.67sI love you, too, fellow.
1.07sHey, Jesus, can you do something for me?
0.97sSure, Peter. What is it?