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3.14sBack up in your ass with the resurrection
1.47sIs the group harder than an erection
1.33sThat shows more affection
2.1sThey wanna ban us on Capitol Hill
1.8s'Cause it's die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas
3sAll along it was the geto, nothing but the geto
3.4sTakin' short steps one foot at a time and keep my head low
1.5sAnd never let go
1.67s'Cause if I let go, then I'll be spineless
1.27sI'm going insane
8.67sI think my mind just goes outta control And judge your subjects muthafuckas read about I touch on the shit that they be leavin' out I seen this muthafuckas .9 smokin'
3.77sI seen the same nigga with the .9 die with his eyes open