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1.3sPeter, would you put that thing away?
1.4sWe're trying to eat dinner.
2.1sI can't believe fucking Jesus hasn't called me back.
1.94sI left him a message, like, four hours ago.
1.94sWell, maybe he doesn't have his phone with him.
2.67sNo, no, it rang twice, and then the voicemail picked up.
2.73sIf it had gone straight to voicemail, that means the phone was off.
2.44sIf it rang, like, six times, that means he didn't hear it.
1.5sBut it rang twice, Lois.
2.2sThat means the phone rang, he saw it was me,
2.53sand then he pressed a button and sent it straight to voicemail.
3.67sYou know what? Give me your phone. I bet he'll pick up.
1.9sHey, hey, Lois!
1.5sHey, you, it's Peter.
2.2sWhat the hell? We were supposed to do something today.
2.67sI forgot to tell you, I have a doctor's appointment today.
2.1sI'm actually there now.
2.47sMAN 1: Hey, look! Lindsay Lohan just took her top off!
3sWOMAN: Hey, I just drank a beer! Who wants to do me?
1.3s- MAN 1: I do! - MAN 2: Me too!
1.83sMAN 3: I just did you, but I'll go again!
1.4sI got to go.
2.3sCan you believe the way Jesus is treating me?
1.27sI thought he was my friend.
3.47sLook, fame and success do crazy things to people, Peter.