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3.97sAnd Bush's bombing countries
1.23s'Cause I like it
3.04sMe and Jesus
2.77sFriends until we die Again
0.8sTogether forever and ever
2.94sWe never will say goodbye
4.24sMAN: Now back to the MTV Movie Awards, hosted by Dane Cook.
1.47sHey, everybody, what's up?
2.57sDane Cook here in the house at the MTV Movie Awards.
2.3sWhat's up? What's up? Hey, you know what I hate?
2.57sWhen you eat an ice-cream cone and it's all, like, cold, and you're like...
3.5s(GROANING) And you're like, "Why didn't you warn me that's so cold?"
1.57sAnd he's like, "It's ice cream, dude."
1.27sAnd you're like, "Oh, man!"
2.87sBut chicks don't do that, because they use a spoon.
1.6sWhat's up? Su-Fi! Boo! MySpace.