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1.4sWell, I'll tell you this, Peter.
2.4sYou ain't never had a friend like me.
3.24sMe and Jesus
2.97sThose are words that please us
1.97s'Cause we're close as Beezus
3.14sAnd Ramona Quimby are
2.9sMy life is sweeter
2.87sWith my new friend Peter
1.87sYou're a lotus eater
3.17sNow that you're a superstar
3.3sIt used to be
2.44sI always took the brunt
3.24sBut now you're free
3.97sAnd Bush's bombing countries
1.23s'Cause I like it
3.04sMe and Jesus
2.77sFriends until we die Again