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2.3sSome might say you're my savior.
3.37sMe and Jesus
3.04sCome and hug and squeeze us
5.27s'Cause you know That he's a simply Christ-terrific dude
3.57sHis eyes are bluish
3sBright and I love you-ish
1.9sAnd he's also Jewish
3sBut he's not the least bit rude
2.13sPeter, my boy
2.44sYou're sweet as chocolate cake
3.34sYou bring me joy
3.54sAnd so I won't forsake you
1.13sLike the gays do
3.4sMe and Jesus
7.47sWhat a happy pair Together we're hotter Than walking on water We walk on air You're a real pal, Jesus.