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1.13sIt's all right T, they're with me.
2.04sHey, JC. What's up?
1.13sYou guys are good to go.
2.04sThanks, man.
1.7sWow, a Paris Hilton party.
2.5sOh, this is so cool.
1.97sHey, Paris, I'm a friend of Jesus'.
1.6sCheck it out, I have a cool bag, too,
2.07sand it has a dog in it just like yours.
1.63sHi, Paris, I'm Meg.
1.57sI met Larry King.
2.2sHey, Perez Hilton. How you doing, bitch?
2sGood, bitch. How are you, bitch? Good, bitch.
1.23s- What's new, bitch? - Nothing, bitch.
1.61sCool, bitch.
2.43sWow, I can't believe I'm really here.
1.93sWho would've thought, me, Peter Griffin,
6.84sthe guy who just two weeks ago drew a smiley face on his own testicle to make his son laugh... Well, I lost my train of thought.
1.13sBut this is really exciting.