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2.27sDid you borrow money from my sisters?
4.2sI don't know, Marge. I can't be expected to keep track of all my wheelings and dealings.
2.57sHe blew all your savings on jack-o'-lanterns.
1.68sYou told!
2.49sSorry, Marge.
3.1sI never want to see you again! You either.
2.97sHomer. Homer, why didn't you tell me?
2.13sI was ashamed, Marge.
2.43sI failed you as a husband and a provider.
2.4sAnd at best I was a B-plus dog.
3.09sI'll understand if you want to sleep on the couch tonight.
4.47s- How's Dad today? - Not too good, Lisa.
2.59sFrankly, he's underneath the table.
1.94sNobody make me any breakfast.
2.4sA man so deeply in debt doesn't deserve it.
2.2sBut I like to make you breakfast.
4.32sIn that case, I'll just have French toast with double butter and a side of bacon.
1.98sBut no powdered sugar. I don't deserve it.