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3.8sYou can either be a fairy or a queen. It's wide open.
1.97sAh. And what have we here?
2.84sA young man maybe, who thinks he can be the next Baryshnikov?
1.93sI don't want to be the next anything.
2.23sI'm only taking this stupid class because they made me.
2.18sSo, he has fire in the belly.
3.02sBut it will take more than belly fire to be the next Baryshnikov!
2.47sLook, Boris. I think ballet's for sissies.
4.07sBallet is for the strong, the fierce, the determined.
1.92sBut for the sissies, never.
3.05sNow put on this "fuchsiatard." You are a fairy.
1.4sQuittin' time.
2.85sLet's go, Homer. We're stopping at Moe's for a Zima.
2.19sMaybe I'll just stay and work overtime.