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2.13sExcept Homer.
0.38sWhat's that supposed to mean?
1.84sIt means--
4.1sIt means these two fabulous babes...
2.14sare staying for dinner.
3.8sNow there's a stink I could've done without.
2.44sThis has been such a nice, peaceful dinner.
1.97sIt calls for a celebration.
5.17sI'm going to make the most international coffee in the house: Montreal Morn.
1.93sAll right. You had your fun. Now get lost.
2.47s- Oh. Our fun hasn't begun yet. - Huh?
3.59sWe know something you don't want Marge to know.
4.52sNow we own you, like Siegfried owns Roy.
3.09sI'm sorry. All we have is NescafÉ.