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1.93sNo. My invention!
1.88sAll my money problems could've--
0.53sMoney problems?
2.6sHomer, are we in some sort of fiduciary trouble?
4.2sOh, Marge, my loyal wife, of course not.
3.17sAnd Lisa, my little princess.
2.8sAnd who could forget dear Rat Boy?
3.47sRat Boy? I resent that.
2.74sBart, I told you before. Stop gnawing on the drywall.
2.25sWhat a day, eh, Milhouse?
2.17sThe sun is out, birds are singin',
2.12sbees are trying to have sex with them.
4.9sAs is my understanding. It is a gorgeously fabulous day. Marvelous even.
4sSo, uh, what's your hurry to get to school?
2.97sNothin'. What's your hurry?