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3.74sWait a second! You planted a phony skeleton for me to find!
1.94sThis was all a big hoax!
3.34sNot a hoax-- a publicity stunt.
5.39sYou exploited people's deepest beliefs just to hawk your cheesy wares?
2.49sWell, we are outraged!
2.63s- Aren't we? - Oh. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we're outraged.
2.2sVery, uh-- Very much so.
3.54sBut look at all the stores! A Pottery Barn!
2.07sAnd 20% off everything?
2.2s- Hey, does that include rat spray? - Oh, yeah.
3.19s- Out of my way, shorty! - Hey!
4.42sI don't understand, Professor. Why didn't your tests show the skeleton was a fake?
4.35sI'm gonna be honest with you, Lisa. I never did the tests.
2.43sUh, sir, about that, uh--
1.94sthat kiss-- I--
3.64sI hope you understand it was merely a sign of my respect.