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3.15sOh, Edna, my sweet buttercup, you read my mind.
3.49sJust, uh, give me 20 minutes or so to finish these tardy slips.
2.44sWhy we gettin' dressed-up, Mom? Are we going to Black Angus?
5.65sWell, you might say we're going to the best steakhouse in the whole universe.
2.32sSo we're not going to Black Angus.
2.23sWill you leave me alone?
3.4sIt's bad enough you're making me go to your stupid judgment Day.
4.64sPlease, Lisa. I don't know exactly what's gonna happen.
3.47sBut I really wish we could make peace before sunset.
2.09sNothing is going to happen, Mom!
3.94sI hate to disappoint you, but the world is not coming to an end.