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1.72sBut I-- Thank you for calling Radio Psychic.
2.62sDo you have a song request? "It's Raining Men!"
4.59sNow, Marge, Dear Abby says seeing films about air travel can calm your fears.
2.34sOoh! Here are some upbeat titles.
4.55sHero. Fearless. Alive!
5.15sNo thanks to the plane, many of us are still alive.
2.6sWe certainly are.
3.19sPass me another hunk of copilot.
2.12sDad, Mom's getting worse.
3.54sYou have to take her to see a real psychiatrist. Look how tense she is.
1.47sShe's fine.
2.5sAll right, Lisa. You got your way.
2.2sYour mom's going to a psychiatrist.
2.8sShe's gonna tell Marge to leave me. It'll break up the family,
2.67sand you'll have to live with your grandmother and pick beans.
2.37sDad, I like picking beans with Grandma.