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2.19sYou flyboys. You crack me up.
2.65sBut I keep telling ya, I'm not a pilot!
2.65sAnd I keep telling you, you flyboys crack me up!
2.03sHi, I'm Alan. I'm your copilot.
2.1sUh, yeah. Um-- Hmm.
4.39sAs a change of pace, I'm gonna let you do most of the work.
2.72sI think you're ready for it, Alan.
3.64sAnd, um, I'll just, uh, get us started.
2.47sUh, we'll need that to live.
5.81sIf word gets out about this, Cwazy Clown Airlines will be a laughingstock.
1.97sIn exchange for your silence,
3.7sI'm prepared to offer your family free tickets to anywhere in the United States,
2.37sexcluding Alaska and Hawaii-- the freak states.
1.62sGood news, everybody!
3.12sBecause I endangered lives, we can fly anywhere we want!