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6.41sAnd I say England's greatest prime minister was Lord Palmerston!
1.13sPitt, the Elder.
2.2sLord Palmerston!
2.27sPitt, the Elder!
2.35sOkay, you asked for it, Boggs.
1.85sYeah, that's showing him, Barney.
1.47sPitt, the Elder.
3.29sLord Palmerston!
4.67sNice work, boys. We can close the book on every unsolved crime in our fair city.
2.37sDon't I get to call my lawyer?
2.22sYou watch too many movies, Sax.
2.67sHow long does it take to see this thing?
1.05sI'm in a hurry.
1.15sIt's hard to say.
3.32sOnce you go in, you may never come out.
1.75sWow! One, please.