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1.37sWe should talk.
2.65sAnd this is Elvis' rec room.
5.99sWhen the King wasn't rehearsing or exercising he liked to unwind by watching up to three TVs at once.
2.13sMan, oh, man, what a lifestyle.
1.42sAre you Ozzie Smith?
1.47sI have a proposition for you.
2.77sHello. Are you Don Mattingly?
2.35sYes. Yes, I am. Come in. Come in.
2.64sCan I get you something? What's your name?
4.15sHow would you like to be a ringer on a small-town company softball team?
2.35sWould I?
4.2sNow I'd like to introduce the new members of our happy power plant family.
0.37sOur security guard, Roger Clemens.
1.64sOur janitor, Wade Boggs. How you doing?
3.2sOur lunchroom cashier, Ken Griffey jr. Hey, what's up, guys?