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1.77sGood news, sir.
1.43sThe softball team won again.
2.43sIf we beat Shelbyville, we capture the pennant.
1.43sDid you hear that, Ari?
3.38sMy boys need only to thump your tub, and the title is ours.
5.05sThe Gladiators from my power plant will crush your team like nine flabby grapes.
1.62sI disagree.
2.55sWould you care to bet a million dollars?
2.15sWhy don't we make it interesting?
2sWhat, a million dollars isn't interesting?
0.97sDid you say a million?
1.5sI'm sorry. My mind was elsewhere.
1.98sI thought you would start with a small amount,
2.19swe would bait each other, and--
0.97sYou know how it goes.
2.24sCertainly. A million Will be fine.