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0.44sCount me out.
1.32sNot me.
1.55sWhat's the matter with you guys?
2.13sLast year we were two and 28.
1.33sIt wasn't our best season.
1.27sActually, it was.
1.18sThis year it's gonna be different.
2.09sWhat makes you so damn sure?
2.13sI have a secret weapon.
3.05sHey, he's been holding out on us, huh?
1.2sA secret weapon?
2.52sI wonder what it could be.
0.57sCount me in.
2.17sI'm there.
2.35sCome here, boy. I want to show you something.
1.85sWhat's that? A homemade bat?
1.2sIt's something very special--
1.7sa homemade bat.