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3.57sNow we're gonna show you some clips from--
3.64sOh, no. I wanted to keep this quiet.
3.17sCan I embarrass this guy for a moment?
3.29sThree years ago, Krusty pledged over a million dollars...
1.97sto start Krusty's Care Centers.
2.47sPlease, stop already.
2.22sTo this day, Krusty has not given us a dime.
2.07sHas he, Frances?
2.27sI'm cold all the time.
4.19sOh, look. It was all a bookkeeping snafu.
2.62s- Can I have the check now? - Now? Eh--
2.97sUh, sure. God bless you, Krusty.
2.25sAnd if my banker's watching,
4.75slet nothing stop you from payment of this check.