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3.92sFaster, faster ! We gotta save Bubbles.
3.07sOh, man, I can't take it anymore.
3.35sBut I want to see what happens ! You know what happens.
2.03sThey find Captain Kook's treasure.
3.09sAll the elves dance around like idiots. I puke. The end.
3.5sBart, you're just like Chilly, the elf who cannot love.
2.32sNow for some real TV.
2.94sAll right ! America's Most Armed and Dangerous.
2.35sOh, no ! Bart ! We'll have nightmares !
2.38sRelax. This is cinema verite.
3.29sWhen the brutal, slow-motion killing starts, I'll tell you to shut your eyes.
4.37sThe Cue Ball Killer should be considered extremely armed and dangerous.
4.07sIf you think you've seen him, call 1-800-U-SQUEAL.
2.4sHomer, you look just like a little boy.
4.02s- 'Cause I'm so carefree ? - No, because you're wearing a bib.
0.3sMore champagne ?
2sWhoops. Time for a fill-up.