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3.54sExcuse me. Are you saying to the world that you just aided and abetted...
3.17sthe escape of the notorious Baby-sitter Bandit ?
3.07sThe what ? The Baby-sitter Bandit.
3.57sOh, uh, a-are you sure this microphone works ?
3.54sUh, well, I wouldn't say I aided her. This is on, right ?
2.4sBecause actually it was quite a struggle.
2.53sOh, Homer !
2.6sHave you ever seen a kung fu movie ? It was just like that.
3.15sBut now I know her moves. So, if you're listening to me, lady,
4.55syou'd better think long and hard before trying something like this on Homer Simpson again !
4.24sLord, help me. I'm just not that bright.
3.34sOh, Homer, don't say that.
2.79sThe way I see it, if you raise three children...
3.94swho can knock out and hogtie a perfect stranger, you must be doing something right.
2.35sYeah !