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1.2sCome on, Stewie.
2.9sYou can't leave the table until you finish your vegetables.
2.54sThen I shall sit here until one of us expires.
2.13sYou've got a good 40 years on me, woman!
2.68sSweetie, it's broccoli. It's good for you.
2.29sNow open up for the airplane.
2.24sNever! Damn the broccoli! Damn you!
0.9sAnd damn the Wright Brothers!
2.6sMy, aren't we fussy tonight.
1.9sOk. No broccoli.
1.78sVery well then. I--
2.15sWho the hell do you think you are?
3.12sHoney, it's not gonna go away just because you don't like it.
2.22sWell, then. My goal becomes clear.
2.1sThe broccoli must die.
2.14sMom, will you take me out to practice driving?
2.77sI'm teaching a piano lesson in half an hour.
1.8sMaybe your father can take you.
1.52sSorry, Meg. Daddy loves you.
1.73sBut Daddy also loves Star Trek.
2.92sAnd, in all fairness, Star Trek was here first.
2.67sCaptain's log, Stardate 8169.7.