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1.5sYou wanted me and Meg to bond.
1.28sThat's what we're doing.
6.37sDad, I was in a chat room on America Online and Doomie 22 told me some idiot knocked out the cable.
2.15sWe could be without T.V. for weeks!
1.65sNow Chris, now let's not panic.
1.77sWe can manage just fine without T.V.
1.65sWhat's that supposed to mean?
1.88sFace it, you're addicted to television.
1.6sYou're not exactly Mr. Cold Turkey.
1.98sRemember when you gave up candy?
1.13sI'll ask you one more time.
2.42sYou didn't eat anything in my factory?
1.13sI'm just asking--
1.08sAre you calling me a liar?
1.94sI'm just saying-- Shut up, Wonka.
1.84sYeah. That was different. I'll be fine.
1.34sAre you sure, honey?
1.3sFor God's sake, you guys.
2.44sYou think I'm some simp who can't live without T.V.?
1.32sGive me a break.
1.28sMike, What's happening now?
2.32sSipowicz is finding who stabbed the super.
1.22sAre you gonna tell me,
1.8sor am I gonna have to show you my ass?
1.07sI ain't saying nothing!
1.65sAll right, it was Jimmy the Hat!
1.52sForget it, Mike.
1.28sWithout actually seeing his ass,