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2.67sThink I'll go get drunk and beat up midgets. How about you, diane?
2.3sTom, I just plain don't like black people.
2.6sYou guys, we're still on in Boston.
3.02sExcellent. The weather machine is nearly completed.
2.65sWhat do you say to that, broccoli?
1.6sStop mocking me!
1.13sWhat's this?
3.6sIt appears the witless provider has finally brought me something of value.
3.44sI can use that crude device to amplify my deadly signal.
2.33sVictory shall yet be mine.
1.4sGuess what, Mom?
1.67sDad crashed the car into the city cable transmitter.
1.8sIt's ok. If I take the blame,
2.27she'll buy me a convertible when I get my license.
4.67sMeg, it's not exactly taking the blame if you go around telling everyone.