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1.6sMr. Sulu, ahead Warp 9.
1.17sFor God's sake, Peter.
1.37sYou've been in front of the T.V.
1.63ssince you got home from work.
2.22sWhy don't you spend some time with your family?
2.27sI will, during the commercials.
1.19sAnd if that's wrong,
2.47smaybe I'm missing the point of having commercials.
3.2sPlease. My road test is tomorrow and you haven't taught me anything.
2.4sYou may want to find a better teacher than Peter.
2.2sWhat are you talking about? I'm a great driver.
1.73sRemember your trip to the Southwest?
1.5sBeep beep!
1.68sJeez. Did I just hit that ostrich?
1.07s- No. - Are you sure?
1.65sHe's fine. Keep going.
2.34sDon't believe what they're saying. I always keep my eyes on the road.
1.2sI don't miss a thing.
1.57sWe now return to Star Trek.
1.85sHoly crap. Uhura's black?
1.97sAll right, Meg. Now here's your first lesson.
2.47sYou always want to be aware of other cars on the road.
4.4sIf you catch eyes with the guy next to you at a red light, you gotta race him.