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1.38sI'm so tired.
2.3sThis morning's fly-fishing really wore me out.
3.5sWake up! You promised you'd get this hook out of my mouth.
1.03sOw! Ow!
0.97sThank you.
3.9sNow kids, your father's just trying to spend time with his family.
2.65sOr kill us. I'm not sure which.
2.17sThose Chinese sure do like to spit, don't they?
1.8sDiane, that last report was so good,
1.5sI think you deserve a spanking.
2.1sI don't think your wife would appreciate that.
2.03sThat frigid old cow lives in quahog.
1.6sShe can't hear a word I'm saying.
2.77sActually, we're back on the air in quahog.
0.97sThank God!
4.12sTheir puerile minds are once again distracted by that flickering box.
1.45sTime to be bad!
1.03sCome on, everyone.
1.97sWe're late for the Bavarian Folk Festival.
1.12sYou know those Germans.
2.14sYou don't join their party, they'll come get you.
1.83sBut Dad, the T.V.'s back on.
2.1sWhat do you know? Ok, let's go.