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1.97sHere's where you met Lois, here's where you got married,
3.37sand here's the present. And here's the night at the bar.
1.7sNow, at some point during that evening,
2.77syou did something that changed the course of your history,
3.4scausing the time line to skew off into an alternate tangent,
3.54swhere you're married to Molly Ringwald, Quagmire's married to Lois,
2.34sand for some reason, we have a chalkboard in the living room.
1.47sWell, what are we gonna do?
3.3sWe got to figure out what happened at this point in time.
2sAnd I'll tell you another thing that worries me.
2.67sYou ever hear the theory that if you kill a butterfly in the past,
1.87sit can drastically alter the present?
2.54sWell, who knows what else we changed.
1.8sANNOUNCER: Tonight, on The Tonight Show,
1.8smovie star, George Clooney.
1.27sOh, he's good.
1.57sANNOUNCER: Comedian, Dave Chappelle.
1.37sHe's funny. Like him.
2.2sANNOUNCER: And musician, Harry Connick Jr.
1.6sWow, what a show.
3.74sANNOUNCER: And now, ladies and gentlemen, here's...
3.17sOh, God, Brian, we messed up bad. We messed up real bad.