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1.77sBut what the hell is going on here?
1.63sYou know, I think I have a theory.
2.4sIt's possible that when we went back in time,
2.1swe somehow altered the past.
4.7sJeez, Brian, that's more ridiculous than the theory of why Tom Cruise runs in all his movies.
2.6sWow, that cameraman has nice, strong arms.
2.97sYou can't catch me, gay thoughts.
0.83sHey, where the hell is Lois?
1.33sThat's weird.
0.6sLooks like she's coming out of Quagmire's house.
1.07sLois, what the hell?
2.03sI'm gone for one night, and you sleep with Quagmire?
4.14sMr. Griffin, what I do with my husband is none of your business.
1.6sHusband? Morning, Pete.
2.3sHope you and Molly can still join us for dinner tonight.
1.9sCome here, baby. Let's head upstairs and play hide-and-go-anal.